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how to expand the animal crossing: new leaf museum

Kaito 1412 wrote:And there are more models in the game? So far I’ve only seen the mini gold house and the museum, but without points I guess they don’t give mini stores anymore The 7/11 collection includes a store model, I don’t know if there are others.

Congratulations Isti!!! It’s nice about the model, although after what it costs to complete the museum that at least you get it for free…. like in the Wild World, but well…. It’s nice the model, it’s beautiful.

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The critter section consists of a single room, at the back of the room, there are about five to seven summer themed trees that hold beetles and cicadas, once each one is donated. In the middle, there are lots of flowers, a pond and a tree that hold ladybugs and butterflies when these are donated. At the bottom is a pile of leaves, a large rock and a tree containing grasshoppers, crickets and some other bugs. If the player donates a mosquito or a cockroach, both will be seen moving freely around the exhibit, either flying or sliding along the ground, respectively.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the museum is reintroduced with several added changes. The museum now features stairs leading to an Observatory and a cafeteria known as El Alpiste, respectively. In addition, Socrates can now identify fossils himself, since he already holds the title of fossil identification. In addition to these new additions, the museum in Wild World has the same function as in Animal Crossing.

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Each space in the museum is quite peculiar and special, so you will always want to have them all. In the case of the second floor, it is not available when you start the game. Because of this, you will have to unlock it by first building a municipal project.

It will be important that you become mayor and hold the position for at least a week. In addition, the museum must have at least 20 items, essentially one within each category. When you meet these requirements, you will come across Socrates thinking, and at that point you have to talk to him.

When the time comes to talk to Socrates, you are required to do so for about 14 to 15 days. He will tell you that the second floor of his museum is not being used. At that time, he will add it to the list of municipal projects.

This will be your opportunity to purchase various silver items, as well as museum-themed decorative items. There are also 4 exhibition areas available for you to rent for 10.00 berries.

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The museum is available from the start and is open 24 hours a day. Here you will find Socrates and you can store the insects, fish, fossils and artwork you get. Look in the “collecting” section for lists of collectibles you can find.

There is an extension to the museum that consists of an upper floor with a store included. To get it you must have spoken at least 14 different days with Socrates, and you must also have donated 20 objects in total, although at least one must be from each of the categories (fish, fossils, insects and works of art).

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