Teatro barcelona carlos latre

Teatro barcelona carlos latre

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On the screen, old images are projected with degraded colors, he nostalgically recalls his childhood and pays homage to those he listened to on the cassettes in his father’s car. An updated Gila who does not talk to the army on the phone but to the coronavirus or one of the best moments in which, in a matter of seconds, he metamorphoses into the four singers of El gusto es nuestro (Serrat, Víctor Manuel, Ana Belén and Miguel Ríos), a sample of his virtuosity that is too short. And he continues to raise the bar by bringing out his deepest voice to become Bunbury, the leader of Héroes del Silencio, with another exaggerated wig.

On Barcelona’s newsletterThey say that if you activate this newsletter in front of a mirror at midnight, Pocholo appears and takes you to a party. Ana Sánchez discovers you every week the most original plans in Barcelona.

She echoes the success of the platforms in these months of confinement and goes on to show us the casting of La casa de papel (toilet) getting into the skin of some of its actors but also with some licenses to introduce the mayor of Vigo, Carmen de Mairena, Justo Molinero or make us sing the essential Bella Ciao.

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Going to see a Carlos Latre’s show is a guarantee that the spectator will be able to draw, imagine, have the illusion that on the stage a magic will be created with the capacity that his senses can, in a certain way, see on the stage many people in the body, in the gestures and, above all, in the voice of one of the best imitators of the present time.

No one can ever get bored, not even when the stage goes black for a few moments for the change of characters, because the expectation is very great and in a few seconds is converted into amazement, joy, laughter, laughter, excitement and admiration.

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Carlos Latre has returned to the stage. The man of a thousand faces, a regular on television for his role as a juror in Tu Cara Me Suena, his collaborations in El Hormiguero and many more jobs, has returned to that space where he himself recognizes that he feels better: the theater. And he has done it with a new show that is triumphing in Barcelona.

One-Man Show, which had to be postponed when the Generalitat decreed the closure of the cultural sector due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation in Catalonia, finally opened last December 4 in Barcelona, and with performances on several days of the week, has already hung the Sold out sign on several occasions.

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What discount do you get with Club Vanguardia? With the Club Vanguardia card, enjoy a 20% discount on all Wednesday and Thursday performances, and a 10% discount on Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances of Carlos Latre’s One-Man Show. An exclusive offer to see the new show of the man of a thousand faces at the Teatre Coliseum.

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What a good feeling is that one in which your body loosens up from laughing so much! In which the corners and cheeks ache and your eyes are teary with laughter! With that feeling we left on Friday after seeing “One Man Show”, Carlos Latre’s show, at the Teatro Rialto in Madrid. We left full of endophins and serotonin.

However, there is something that especially caught my attention and that was that the show began with a parody of the program “Al rojo vivo”, in which the first news that was discussed was the elections to the Community of Madrid. Something that had happened three days ago! And all the political protagonists took part in the parody: Ayuso, Almeida, Sánchez… After the show, we had the immense luck to meet and chat with Carlos Latre and he himself told us that it is a very lively show, that it is constantly changing and that current events have a great influence on what is discussed in it.

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When the show was over, we commented on which of the stories or characters we liked the most. We could not agree because all the interpretations were great. Some chose Fernando Simón, others Minister Montero; others the evergreen Boris -with whom the show closed-; Jorge Javier; some characters of the most famous series…