Teatro borras barcelona entradas

Teatro borras barcelona entradas

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In BCN Shows we offer you a theater billboard so you can choose the plays you like, read the review and, if you want to see it, book the ticket. We personally go to all the shows that we propose here to recommend you, or not, first hand the plays that are in our city.

Do you like theater? Then you can not miss the opportunity to discover the theater billboard Barcelona so you can choose the best show for you and yours. In Barcelona, we have a wide variety of theaters that are perfect to enjoy all kinds of plays: comedy, children’s shows, monologues, musicals…

So, if you do not know what to do and you are looking for a cultural, different and fun plan, we invite you to search in our Barcelona theater billboard the play that best suits your tastes and preferences. In our search engine, you can filter the shows by price, date or popularity, so you can find the best show for you and your friends or family.

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The art deco style building, designed by architect Francisco Gil Gonzalez, consists of a first floor, mezzanine and three floors. In addition, its elevation has influences of Italian Renaissance architecture, which can be seen in the pediments and the cornice with triglyphs and metopes. It was inaugurated as a cinema in 1931 under the name of Cine Urquinaona, taking the name of the square in which it is located, and in 1943 it was changed to Cine Borrás, in memory of the actor Enrique Borrás. On September 15, 1990 it became a cinema and theater, and in 1995 it became exclusively a theater. It seats 737 people: 473 in the stalls and 264 in the amphitheater.[1][2][3]

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The debate from a legal point of view may have its interest, there are many lawyers who defend that, to proceed to the suspension of the acts of the accused deputies, it would be better to wait until there is a final judgment and not to do it at the time of opening the trial; however, what stuns us millions of non-lawyers and non-independent Catalans is this zeal of Laura Borrás and hers in devoting all their time to solve their personal problems forgetting those of Catalonia.