Teatro de la axerquia cordoba fotos

Teatro de la axerquia cordoba fotos


El Cisne Verde, situado junto a la Universidad de Córdoba y a 5 minutos en coche del casco antiguo de la ciudad, ofrece habitaciones con conexión Wi-Fi gratuita. Cuenta con una recepción 24 horas y una zona de estar. Las habitaciones, decoradas con sencillez y con aire

El Habitaciónes Córdoba Rooms Economic, situado en Córdoba, a solo 5 km de la Mezquita de Córdoba, ofrece alojamiento con salón compartido, jardín y conexión WiFi gratuita. Esta casa de familia cuenta con alojamiento con

Los Apartamentos Turísticos Córdoba, que cuentan con un jardín, se encuentran en Córdoba, a 1,8 km de la Mezquita de Córdoba y a 1,5 km de la Sinagoga de Córdoba. El establecimiento tiene vistas al jardín y está a 2,4 km de la Torre de la Calahorra. El a

Los Apartamentos Pintor Losada, situados a 1,8 km de la Mezquita de Córdoba, ofrecen un jardín y alojamientos con aire acondicionado, balcón y conexión WiFi gratuita. Los apartamentos disponen de cocina con microondas y nevera, así como de

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El Apartamento Losada se encuentra en Córdoba, a 1,4 km de la mezquita de Córdoba, a 1,1 km del centro comercial El Zoco y a 1,2 km de la sinagoga de Córdoba. Este apartamento está a 1,4 km de Calahor

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On the upper level, next to the main door and in the cafeteria, there are two toilets adapted for men and two toilets adapted for women, and next to the north door, there is a cabin with toilets adapted for both men and women.

From the north door there is access to 24 reservations, which are located in the row closest to the stage, and to another 12 reservations located in the first row of the intermediate level of the amphitheater. 20 reservations located on the upper level can be accessed from the main entrance.

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An exterior itinerary, on a ramp and parallel to the north side of the theater, connects the lower and upper levels of the theater and its facilities. Its slope may be too steep at some points for people with reduced mobility, and the complementary activities building has an elevator for communication between the ground and second floors.

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Passion and Warfare was his third solo album, but it contained all the know-how of the young Vai, who on three tracks even played all the instruments. Now, a quarter of a century later, the nostalgic are in luck, but also the fans who have known Vai later, because in the show there is room for songs from all his stages.

To end this chronicle, dear reader, I hope you will allow me a couple of licenses. The first one, to thank David Val for his work in charge of the Festival’s press department. Few events, if any, facilitate so much the work of the media, who are supplied with everything necessary for their publications. An honorable mention.