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Teatro leal la laguna programa 2022

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In addition to the shows, the festival organizes 40 associated activities, including circus workshops, clown workshops, integrated workshops, social visits, meetings with artists, cinema, etc.

In addition, FIC 2021 will premiere its stage at the Las Mantecas Technology Park in La Laguna, programming five performances on October 16. Tickets will be available soon at www.festivalinternacionalclownbaret.com

Starting at noon, performances will take place on the new stage of the FIC La Laguna, the Galician Xampatito Pato will be in charge of opening the day. In ‘SÓ’ he presents an obsessive, square and meticulous character who lives surrounded by boxes that escape his control and with which he plays to shape his world.

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Then it will be the turn of the Cantabrians L.P.M. and their ‘Piti Peta Hofen Show’ which can be seen for the first time in the Canary Islands within the FIC 2021. In this performance poetry becomes a show with its own style of dramaturgy and where improvisation is part of a creative chaos.

cuyas theater

In its short trajectory, it has performed numerous plays for children as well as for adults. Among its most outstanding productions is «Una de Piratas», which has been performed more than a hundred times in all the stages of the islands and in Madrid. In addition, with the play «La Venganza de Don Mendo», they were nominated for the best theater show in the Canary Islands 2011.

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The main objective is to show the world of the stage as a magnificent therapy. The philosophy of Timaginas Teatro is oriented not only to those who wish to dedicate themselves professionally to the world of acting, but also to those who want to use theater to face their fears, promote self-esteem, exercise their memory and develop their personality.

A body that gathers all the memory in front of a head that marks the rhythm, as if it were another body. Absences that become present. What is not said, what is not swallowed, what is not allowed. Where are the limits?

Volume 1 takes up some universal dance myths to reinterpret them and see how they are transformed: the New Zealand Haka of the Maori warriors, the murder of a virgin in The Rite of Spring or the collective trance of Ravel’s Bolero. The piece is built from the tension between two forces: the traditional and the contemporary.

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