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January 31 magician’s day

After taking his magic to more than 150 countries with his programs on DMAX – astonishing Stephen Hawking himself with one of his games – and becoming the highest-grossing illusionist in Europe with his previous show, La Gran ilusión, Antonio Díaz has once again demonstrated his inexhaustible ability to amaze from the first minute, now with Nada es imposible.

Antonio Díaz is destined to become a new international star of magic.  His performances and his personality are captivating from the first moment, he has a sum of qualities that make him exceptional’.

Nothing is impossible broadway edition

As a teenager, when he really liked a girl, he used to do magic tricks to break her shyness. An extreme shyness, he says. Over time, things have changed and now he only performs his tricks in theaters or on film shoots. In front of hundreds of people, before whom he hides behind the magic. Yes, Antonio Díaz Cascajosa, the Mago Pop, is an illusionist who plays with our minds and is even capable of flying. He has just achieved a new record by becoming the person responsible for the show that has sold the most tickets in the world during the pandemic.

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Díaz bought the aforementioned theater from a company made up of several companies, including that of Tricicle. Since then, the show has sold out continuously and the show has not stopped. As Díaz has not stopped investing in other sectors.

He told this in a relaxed interview on TV3, in which he said that to shake off the shyness that blocked him, he sang in the group and later even went on to study Dramatic Art. In Ciudad Badia was where he met magic for the first time, through a friend of his father, who did tricks for him in the bar. A lover of David Copperfield’s magic, Diaz has more than achieved his goal. The son of a textile factory worker and a housewife, he has two siblings, a doctor and a physiotherapist, and says that his father honourably parades his son’s name around the neighbourhood. A young man who has had to insure his hands to protect the 50 people in his team if something happens to him.

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Antonio Díaz comenzó a exhibir sus espectáculos en los teatros de toda España a los 17 años. Después de varios espectáculos (Sueños, La Noche Abbozzi y La Increíble Historia del Señor Nieve) creó La Gran Ilusión, el espectáculo que le catapultó a la fama.

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Antonio Díaz, El Mago Pop, ha anunciado que llevará su nuevo espectáculo “Nada es Imposible” a Broadway, pero esta vez el viaje es al revés, de la Gran Vía de Madrid a la meca de los musicales[8][9][10].

En marzo de 2019 Antonio Díaz compra el Teatre Victoria de Barcelona a la compañía “3 per tres” (compuesta por Dagoll Dagom, Tricicle y Anexa) por una cantidad cercana a los 30 millones de euros[11][12][13].

En noviembre de 2013, El Mago Pop se estrenó en Discovery Max, anotando un 4,8% de cuota de pantalla y 810.000 espectadores, siendo una de las cadenas más vistas de la historia del canal. En ese primer especial consiguió sorprender con sus juegos de manos a Love of Lesbian, Eduard Punset, Ferrán Adria, Ruth Lorenzo, Alejo Sauras y Nick Mason, batería de la mítica banda Pink Floyd.

How long does el mago pop last?

Antonio Díaz, El Mago Pop, has announced that he will take his new show Nada es Imposible to Broadway, this time the trip is the other way around, from Madrid’s Gran Vía to the mecca of musicals. [7][8][9]

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In March 2019 Antonio Díaz buys the Teatre Victoria in Barcelona from the company “3 per tres” (Composed by Dagoll Dagom, Tricicle and Anexa) for an amount close to 30 million euros.[10][11][12]

El Mago Pop is broadcasted in 148 countries around the world (Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Italy, Argentina, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France..) and in May 2014 it is presented at the UP-FRONT in New York, becoming one of the first Discovery Europe productions broadcasted in the United States.