Teatro maestro padilla almeria

Teatro maestro padilla almeria

Almeria city council

SEASON 21 -22 OF “CRISTO. PASSION AND HOPE” OF PASCUAL GONZÁLEZ AND CANTORES DE HÍSPALIS IN THE AUDITORIO MAESTRO PADILLA OF ALMERÍA. AT LAST!!!!. The city of Almeria, will be able to enjoy Pascual Gonzalez and Cantores de Híspalis with his work “Cristo. Passion and Hope”, concert so awaited by the city of Almeria, that due to the pandemic we were forced in several occasions to its postponement. Once completed all the requirements with the City Council of Almeria, we reactivate the ticket sales platform to complete the allowed capacity. At the same time we are very grateful to the City Council of the city of Almeria for the attention given so that this concert could be held. Source: Almeria City Hall

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The Auditorio Municipal Maestro Padilla lived last night one of those great nights of theater to which it is accustomed in each of the seasons of the programming of the Department of Culture and Education of the City of Almeria with a new version of the work of French playwright Jean Genet ‘The Maids’.

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With all this, ‘The Maids’ has been considered in the history of literature as a key work in its ability to reflect the basest passions and vileness of human beings. The enjoyment in the subjugation of those considered lesser, the envy that corrodes, hatred, frustration, misery, etc., taken to the extreme to the point of embracing unambiguously the madness itself.

Cold lights, icy environments, like those of an operating room, nuclear white wardrobe for the protagonists, an overwhelming Ana Torrent and Alicia Borrachero, and a restrained and sober arrogance of Jorge Calvo.

Because, as if it were an infection, when the door is opened to the release of the dirtiest emotions, it ends up infecting and infecting the most beautiful ones, reaching an unbearable life of its own.

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City of almeria orchestra

‘A wonderful dance party’, ‘Sexy, sensual, daring’ and ‘The live version of the film is electrifying’, are some of the descriptions made by the British press, such as The Financial Times, The Independent and Birmingham Mail, respectively.

For the actors, the play also demands a great deal of physical exertion as well as concentration. Baby Houseman “makes up to 13 costume changes during the show, some of which I have to do in a few seconds as there is no curtain”. Likewise, Christian Sánchez points out that “there are some elements that appear in less than a minute, such as the kitchen, but everything is created to make the connection”.


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