Voy a ser una rock and roll star

Voy a ser una rock and roll star

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Pereza fue un grupo de rock español de Alameda de Osuna (Madrid) formado por Rubén Pozo Prats y José Miguel Conejo Torres, conocidos artísticamente como Rubén y Leiva. Han grabado seis discos Pereza, Algo para cantar, Animales, Los amigos de los animales, Aproximaciones publicado en el verano de 2007, Aviones, publicado en agosto de 2009, y un último recopilatorio que incluye dos discos inéditos: “Mamá Quiero Ser una Estrella del Rock’n’Roll” y “Baires”, grabados y mezclados en Argentina. El grupo también ha editado dos DVD. El primero se llama Algo para encantar y contiene vídeos de su anterior álbum Algo para cantar y algunos temas en directo. El segundo DVD se llama Barcelona, que es una grabación de un concierto en directo en esa ciudad junto con un CD llamado Rarezas, que contiene temas inéditos de los primeros tiempos del grupo.

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A DVD recorded at the Tívoli Theater in Barcelona, which in addition to including new versions of old songs, contains a CD entitled “Rarezas”, full of unreleased songs. In the fold-out inside, we find part of the band’s history, including a post it written by José María Cámara, president of BMG, addressed to a colleague of the record company in which he asks him to sign the pre-contract for the recording of the first album.

Its director Cristian Titán Pozo (Rubén’s brother) responded to the controversy saying that “in this country you can see videos of dead people or wars but we are scandalized by something as natural as masturbation”.

The second single was Lady Madrid and the third, Pirata. For the release of this one, the group’s website announced that a new version of the song would be recorded with the participation of Leiva. The videoclip would again be directed by the director Titán Pozo.

Since then, Rubén has released three solo albums, Lo Que Más, En Marcha and Habrá que vivir plus one with Lichis, Mesa Para Dos, and Leiva four albums entitled Diciembre, Pólvora, Monstruos y Nuclear and live Madrid Nuclear.

the bad reputation

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-It was very good. I think it was probably the most successful tour since we retired with The Ramones. We played Rebellion Festival in England, Blackpool, Ruhpott Rodeo in Germany. We had a great time.

-Because it was all very new to me, I was like a restless puppy. I was having fun and really enjoying everything and sometimes I think Johnny and Joey would look at me and think, “Okay, relax” but yeah, it was great. And it really doesn’t matter at what age I would have joined the band, I would have acted the same way. You get it…being in the band you grew up idolizing. It takes away all the everyday boredom, it makes everything different.

-The first time I saw Johnny was at a rehearsal and that same afternoon I met Joey. You could ask any Ramones fan and they’re going to tell you the same thing, it’s totally overwhelming. The Ramones are not like any other band. It’s hard to imagine them on a daily basis. It was like they just got off the stage and disappeared. I was very overwhelmed but I made sure I didn’t look like an idiot and I was very respectful and calm, I chatted with them a little bit. Of course, when I got home I grabbed the phone and called everyone I knew, “I just played with the Ramones!” -laughs-.

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