Ibercaja entradas teatro principal zaragoza

Ibercaja entradas teatro principal zaragoza

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The price of the tickets will be 15 euros and the gala will be presented by the journalist Adriana Oliveros. In addition, for those people who cannot attend the event but want to donate money, a bank account has been set up (ES24 3191 0051 3949 5748 8820) whose funds will be managed by the Association of the Casa de Canarias in Aragón.

The Deputy Mayoress of Zaragoza, Sara Fernandez, recalled in the presentation of this gala that already on Tuesday, during the Offering of Flowers, the consistory wanted to have a gesture with the Palmeros when the corporation carried a flag of La Palma to the feet of the Virgin of Pilar.

For his part, the mayor, Jorge Azcón, said that with this gala “we want the people of La Palma to know that we suffered the tragedy of the eruption as if it were our own” and encouraged the people of Zaragoza to participate in the donations. “The face that we most like to show is that of solidarity,” he summarized.

The celebration of this gala came from the initiative of the Casa de Canarias in Aragon whose president, Pedro Diaz, has also been in the presentation of the charity event and who has recognized that donations by the Zaragozans have been constant since the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano began and that they have already been able to send several pallets of aid to the island. “The tragedy and drama is known to all and we only hope that nature will stop when it wants to,” he said.

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https://entradas.ibercaja.es/eventos/teatro-principal-de-zaragoza/eventos available for Recinto: Teatro Principal de Zaragoza – MIGUEL FLETA-GLORIA Y PASIÓN – LOVE POEMS – ROMEO Y JULIETA UN AMOR INMORTAL. THE MUSICAL – CYCLE …

http://redaragon.elperiodicodearagon.com/agenda/fichaestablecimiento.asp?id=5850001 Zaragoza. Telephone: 976 296 090. Web: www.teatroprincipalzaragoza.com – Teatro Principal. … – … – The most important and most important …

… – … – Address: C/ Coso, 57 – 50001 – Telephone: 976 296 090 – Fax: 976 200 403 – E-mail: [email protected] – Hours: …

https://www.zaragozago.com/monumentos-zaragoza/teatro-principal/Teatro Principal de Zaragoza: We tell you all the details of this building, its programming and guided tours. … – …

… – The main building of the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza will be illuminated for the first time. The emergency works that started in May in the theater will be carried out in the …

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Back the laughter, the laughs, the laughter, the laughter, the laughter, the laughter, the laughter… Zaragoza Comedy is back! And with it the best comedians and humorists of our country. If you are one of those who before going to sleep or sitting on the toilet can not help but pick up your cell phone and watch one or two monologues, I suggest you read this post carefully.

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On December 21st at 9:30 pm Zaragoza Comedy will start at Las Armas with Juanko Malavirgen, and it won’t stop until March 2nd. Throughout five months, this comedy cycle will be held with shows in four different rooms with the simple and plain objective of laughing until you split in two.